6 Skills Every Social Media Marketer Must Have
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Discover the key skills every Social Media Marketer must have

Social media has become an increasingly important tool for businesses in time today. Whether the business is big or small, someone is required to manage the social media accounts of the brand. In most situations, small business owners double as social media managers for their brand. This is just one example of how crucial the role is to the company’s overall marketing plan.

It’s also a very demanding job. Social media requires that you are constantly on your toes. You will need to master a variety of skills to be a social media manager. And you must continue to learn new ones. This blog can help you if you don’t know where to begin.

What does a social media marketer do?

Social media marketers use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc., to promote the products and services of companies. Below  are some of the tasks that a social media marketer performs:

  • Takes control of an organization’s overall social-media strategy
  • Collaborates with designers to create social media posts 
  • Optimize and monitor performance
  • Keep up to date with the latest social media technologies, laws, best practices, and trends
  • Engage with users’ messages and comments by responding to them
  • Create and manages ads
  • Measures performance and interprets it

Key skills every social media marketer must have

Social Media Marketers are required to possess certain skills to enable them to provide value for money. Here are the most important skills required of every social media marketer.

#1. Research

Social media is a dynamic landscape. There are many new networks being created all the time, algorithms changing for existing networks, and users can switch to other networks at any moment. Social media marketers should be aware of all these things to ensure that they can strategize appropriately.

It is also important to understand how each network works on different platforms. It is a good idea not to forget about mobile-friendly versions of your content.

It is crucial to publish well-researched content when it comes to content. You should not only be sourcing information from reliable sources but also understand how what you learn can help you reach your social media goals.

#2. Creativity and copywriting

A professional social media marketer should be able to create engaging content that matches the brand’s requirements. Even if the posts are limited to a caption on Instagram or a tweet on Twitter, it has to be engaging. Boring and repetitive content can hurt the reputation of your brand, which will eventually lead to your followers moving to a competitor’s brand.

Social Media Marketers must also have excellent writing skills as each network requires a different style. LinkedIn, for example, requires a more professional tone while Twitter is more casual and fun.

It’s essential for every social media expert to have writing skills, and be creative at the same time. Keyword research is also crucial when it comes to social media management. Failure to get it right will make you lose not only time but money. Keyword research helps to know what exactly people are searching for or what is trending within a specific period of time. It also helps to know what content is most interesting and useful to your followers and to know how to share it.

#3. Design

With the advancement in technology today, anyone can now create amazing graphics by using their smartphone. Apps such as Postermywall and Canva make it possible for people who do not have any experience in Graphic design to create stunning designs. This makes it more important for social media marketers to have a keen eye for design.

Social media marketers need to be able to create entertaining videos and take pictures. They don’t need to be discouraged if they don’t have any experience with video editing or design.

#4. The basics of paid advertising campaigns

Social media marketing requires all social media marketers to be more knowledgeable than the average user. It is essential to get a clear understanding of the basics of paid advertising campaigns. It is essential for a social media expert to understand how to create an ad campaign. You will need to know how different elements affect it. Who to target and how much you are willing to spend on a specific campaign in order to drive the needed results.

#5. Analytics

Social Media Marketer - Analytics

It’s now easier than ever to monitor the performance of social media content published. With inbuilt analytics tools, social media marketers can now track engagement, determine the best time for posting content, and even calculate the return on investment of their social media marketing efforts.

Obviously, the outcome to measure will depend on what Key Performance Indicator (KPI), that have been set for your brand. If you are primarily interested in lead generation, you could measure the number of leads generated by your social media efforts. You could also choose to measure the engagement of your posts and traffic to your pages via your social media profiles if visibility is your main goal.

Understanding how your posts perform and being able accurately to measure the success of your campaigns will allow you to evaluate your entire strategy. This will help you to decide how you want to approach future campaigns.

#6. Crisis management and community building

It’s not always going to be pleasant and friendly. Unsatisfied customers will send you messages and post on your social media pages. Your customers will need your support at all times. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Sometimes, your servers might go down or you may have game-breaking bugs in products. You can’t run away from these situations. Crisis management is essential to community building and must be done seriously.

Social media success is also largely dependent on how well your social media marketer interacts with your followers and how they can keep them happy. A social media marketer shouldn’t just post content and log out and then check back in when the next post is ready. Communication skills are essential. A social media expert is expected to learn how to steer conversations towards building the brand’s community.


Social Media Marketing is not only about creating and posting content but also includes the ability to create and manage Ad campaigns, understand and interpret analytics, research, and handle crises.

One thing to note is that not all customers will love everything you post out there. There are loud customers whom whatever you do, will still complain. You have to always remain patient to be able to resolve their grievances.

These skills when mastered will make you a better social media marketer. You’ll be able to build a loyal following and establish your brand’s online presence with their assistance.

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