Project Overview

B-Thrive Solutions is a management consulting company with a specific focus on providing advisory solutions to entities that operate Business-to-Consumer (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) models. They also provide specialized solutions to companies operating in the Extractive Sector. B-Thrive Solutions was losing most of its clients to its competitors simply because it had no website that communicates its brand and the services they offer. They decided to bridge that gap, and therefore connected with our team at Maxibern for us to design a fully responsive website for their brand.


Website Design



Our Solution

With the help of our website design team, we developed a fully responsive and mobile responsive website for B-Thrive Solutions. Now, B-Thrive is online taking advantage of technology to beat the competition out the.

You may be losing lots of clients without your knowledge to your competitors if you don’t have an online presence. In our world today, people do their research online before contacting companies for assistance. This means that failure to have a website means you are ready to be kicked out of business. Don’t be left out, get in touch with our website development team now to get your business online. Contact us using the contact form or through email via You can also call or WhatsApp us on +233509555928. Thank you.