Project Overview

Africa Business Bureau (ABB) is the first Tema-based startup hub with a focus on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ghana through the promotion of creativity, innovation, and the provision of comprehensive training for entrepreneurs to create profitable and sustainable businesses of impact.

ABB provides entrepreneurs with training, coworking spaces, and facilities to help incubate their business ideas and also accelerate their business growth through advisory and seed funding.

ABB was operating without an online presence and therefore needed a website to communicate its brand offerings to its clients, and entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem. Startups, clients, and partners even in the Tema municipality who needed training, and co-working spaces could not locate ABB. Africa Business Bureau saw the need to bridge that gap, and therefore connected with our team. Thanks to Emmanuel Acquah, Chief Executive Officer of ACEYE for recommending Maxibern to the management of ABB.


Website Design



Our Solution

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