Shopify Store Developer: 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire One

Shopify Store Developer - 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire One
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Discover Reasons Why You Need a Shopify Store Developer

The shock caused by the global pandemic has forced many firms to start operating virtually. Online sales have been experiencing constant growth for a period of time now.

According to Statista,  eCommerce revenue is projected to shoot up to 14.56% in yearly growth, resulting in an expected $1,365.00 billion in market volume by 2025. This is a clear indication that eCommerce is never a passing trend.

When it comes to selling online, Shopify has over the years been one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platforms that have outstanding features for creating higher-quality online stores.

If you are a small business looking forward to starting an online store, Shopify may be the best option for you. In order to build a truly functional, mobile responsive, and SEO-optimized website, you need to hire an expert Shopify Store Developer.

Developing the Shopify store yourself may not be too difficult. However, hiring a Shopify Store Developer means you are ready to succeed. Shopify developers mostly have a game plan that will make you successful. They understand SEO best practices that will make you win in terms of sales and Google rankings.

Why Choose Shopify for Your Ecommerce Store?

Shopify is a clean and unique platform that has all the point-of-sale and marketing features that will help to start, run, grow and succeed. It includes security, SEO, marketing, multilingual, and multicurrency features. It is also easy to manage your eCommerce business without hassle. Let’s explore the features further.

1. SEO-friendly features

Making your store load faster is very key as far as SEO is concerned. The faster your store loads, the more you get a lower bounce rate and the more users you are likely to convert. Even just minor improvements can significantly impact your online store’s sales.

Shopify is built with features that make it possible to make your website apply the best SEO principles. It includes a plethora of SEO-friendly features that can help drive new business opportunities and benefit your online store.

Furthermore, by allowing mobile-friendly themes, optimized images, and avoiding massive-sized sliders, Shopify allows your online store to load quickly.

2. Multilingual and Multi-currency support

Shopify has an inbuilt feature that allows developers to make your website load in multiple languages and currencies. This feature gives clients the flexibility to browse eCommerce products and precisely checkout in their preferred currency and language. This means people living in countries that cannot read and understand your local language would get it automatically translated.

3. Security & reliability features

Security and reliability are among the most crucial part of every website, and it is a requirement for SEO and Google rankings. eCommerce security refers to protecting your website and all the transactions of your customers from hackers and unauthorized access. Failure of a Shopify store developer to put the best security measures in place puts you and your customers at risk, making it easy for hackers to break through.

Shopify eCommerce has security features that are 99.8% guaranteed. With an increased rate of cybersecurity in our world today, every website whether big or small needs proper security to protect its customers’ personal and financial data from attackers. With Shopify, you rest assured of the best security.

4. Marketing tools with a diverse app store

To make it possible for you to enhance the online visibility of your eCommerce store, Shopify has inbuilt apps that make it possible for you to reach your marketing goals. The apps are not difficult to set up. However, if you are looking to get the best result, you have to hire a Shopify Developer or a Shopify SEO expert. They can make it a breeze. Aside from the marketing features, these apps can also help you to manage inventory, increase sales, reward your customers, and ship orders to maximize profit.

5. Setup is quick and simple thanks to a third-party integration service

You can integrate and improve your Shopify stores with specific third-party APIs thanks to third-party integration services. Shopify development companies also offer custom integrations that are tailored to your specific business and development requirements.

Who is a Shopify Store Developer?

A Shopify Store Developer is an expert who is experienced in developing Shopify stores, understands dropshipping, and SEO, and puts in the best practices to ensure clients get value for their money.

Experienced Shopify developers mostly pay more attention to the design in order to enhance the user experience. They are ideally familiar with all the Shopify third-party integrations meant for marketing, payments, sales, inventory management, and setups needed to make your business a success.

Roles and responsibilities of a Shopify store developer

The primary responsibility of a Shopify store developer is to develop clean, meaningful, and user-friendly online stores that drive sales. Shopify developers are responsible for designing online stores that clearly communicate the message of the business to the right audience. They are also responsible for integrating the best third-party apps based on defined brand benchmarks.

Senior Shopify developers should have experience with a variety of programming languages, advanced coding skills, and the ability to build full-stack web applications. They should also be familiar with open source software, which is essential for developing a multi-channel store experience. Examine the responsibilities of Shopify developers.

Shopify store developer’s primary responsibilities

When looking for the best Shopify developer, you must first understand what a Shopify developer does.

  • Create a unique and user-friendly web portal.
  • Integrate and combine the necessary components of a business.
  • Make the necessary and required coding changes.
  • Configure the portal to meet the needs of the business and the market.
  • Allow marketing tools, platform APIs, and third-party Shopify apps to be used.
  • Create store templates that integrate with necessary business plugins.
  • Ascertain that the web portal is SEO-friendly and well-optimized.
  • Connect the store to social media sites and platforms with ease.
  • Test, debug and monitor the store’s performance on a regular basis.
  • Technical assistance and coordination protect the business from failures.

3 Reasons why you should hire a Shopify Store Developer for your eCommerce store 

Are you planning on starting a Shopify store? Is it really worth it to hire a Shopify expert? Keep on reading this article as I walk you through the 3 undeniable reasons why hiring a Shopify developer for your Online Store can be a game changer.

#1. Experienced Shopify Store Developers will help project your brand

It is always best to position an image in the mind of your customers and that can be done with a unique design that creates a first impression. When customers visit your eCommerce store, you expect them to love it, but let’s face the truth: not everyone is a graphic designer or a writer. If you hire experienced Shopify Experts, they will be able to give you the best result to match exactly what you want your clients to see. They have an eye for design and always fight for the best user experience.

  • Branding

A solid and strong brand is very key to the long-term success of a business. As a result, investing in an expert who would provide you with consistent branding experience is money well spent. Although these brand experts create assets for Shopify exclusively, you can easily use them in any of your distribution channels.

Developing brand strategies: The majority of Shopify store developers are brand strategists who will work with you to develop a strong, unified brand identity. Among their specialties are market research, product research, product placement, competitor analysis, style guides, and more.

Clean & Unique brand identity: Brand designers create artifacts such as logos, banners, and fonts for your store and marketing campaigns. Logos, typography, and color palettes are typically included in design packages, but more expensive designers can frequently create social media and email models.

Product photography: Product photographers are essential for any eCommerce business, but they are especially important for those who sell across multiple platforms. Everything from simple white-background photos to full-fledged fashion photoshoots is available.

  • Design

Aside from designers who specialize in the aforementioned brand properties, there are several graphic design experts who can help you with the overall look and feel of your Shopify store:

Graphic designers: Custom banners, buttons, picture sliders, and fonts will be created by graphic designers for your store and marketing materials.

Theme designers: You can hire Shopify theme developers who are a subset of graphic designers. Instead of creating custom assets for you to install in your shop, these developers create an entirely new theme for you.

  • Copy-writing

You’re not a very good writer, are you? Consider hiring dedicated Shopify developers to persuade customers to buy from you. These copywriters can use writing to convey the significance of your product, build consumer trust, and much more:

Website content creators: Website content authors are in charge of non-product website copy, such as FAQs and About Us pages. These writers will work with you to develop your brand voice and the best way to communicate with your customers.

Writers of product descriptions: Product description authors communicate the features and value of your product to shoppers. This copy can then be used across all of your distribution channels, not just your Shopify store.

Consultants in content: Content consultants will review your current website content and walk you through the steps of creating a more engaging copy.

To provide a positive customer experience, ensure that your website design is ready to reach out to new customers while maintaining a consistent brand voice. Hire a professional to help you create this experience; after all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

#2: A Shopify Store Developer Can Turn Your Site into a Powerhouse for Successful Online Sales

You cannot do everything on your own and have expert success to rake in. As the adage goes, “A jack of all trades and master of none.” This adage can be applied to any form of human activity, including eCommerce.

When you develop your eCommerce store on your own, it might be beautiful to you since that’s not your area of expertise. Moreover, you may not be able to put in the best SEO and security measures that will make you successful in business.

Hiring a Shopify store developer can give you a higher level of confidence as they know every tiny detail of the platform.

With their deep knowledge, professional Shopify developers can turn your online store into a true powerhouse to increase your online sales. A web developer specializing in Shopify can extend the basic Shopify features by adding appropriate HTML, CSS, or JS into Liquid. A few examples:

If you own a Shopify Plus store, an expert Shopify developer can customize your checkout to meet your niche requirements.

A Shopify web developer can also implement an advanced searching and filtering algorithm to facilitate finding items on product pages. This contributes to a higher conversion rate.

A certified Shopify developer can write code to integrate third-party software into your store. There are lots of useful external services around. Want your customers to share product descriptions through Facebook? No problem. Need to have an email marketing service built into your site to keep your consumers up to date with your offers? Easy.

Apart from that, you can hire Shopify web developers to give you valuable advice regarding various apps available through the App Store, such as the SEO apps we have overviewed in one of our posts.

Not all of these apps are of high quality or entirely compatible with your store. By hiring the best Shopify app developers, you will know exactly which of the apps are worth installing and which can harm your business instead.

Finally, hire Shopify app development experts to optimize your store in all possible ways. This means image optimization, speed boosting, improving search engine visibility, and other aspects. A fast-loading online store has a better chance to satisfy Google.

#3: Provides ongoing support that leaves you with enough time

As previously stated, online merchants must manage a plethora of marketing and logistical tasks. As a result, by hiring an expert Shopify developer, entrepreneurs can relieve themselves of the heavy technical burden.

You can handle customer payments, solve queries, communicate with customers, promote your store, and do other important things to engage your target audience and improve your bottom line.

Meanwhile, our Shopify web developers will ensure that your site is unique, fast, and has all of the features your company requires. We will also correct any errors that you may have missed. The most significant advantage is a site that runs smoothly without bugs.

Now that you understand why you should hire professionals, let’s go through the checklist that you should follow while making your hires.


It is difficult to find and hire Shopify developers who have the necessary skills and experience. However, if you are successful in your search for the best Shopify developers, you will be able to envision your future with fruitful outcomes of revenue, sales, profits, and customer experience. If you intend to take your business online in order to maximize returns and customers, you should hire Shopify store developers. They could be the key to providing your customers with the best e-commerce experience possible.

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